Painstakingly crafted. Relentlessly reliable.

High-functioning oil and gas operations demand equipment that works as dependably and efficiently as their teams. S&R Compression constructs each unit for rock-solid performance in numerous applications including gathering, gas lift, vapor recovery and wellhead compression. We connect you with an optimal compressor and driver combination by analyzing your application for top-tier efficiency. For specialized environments, we design custom units to fit your unique production systems. S&R’s unmatched quality fuels undeniable durability, which unlocks real impact for your production’s bottom-line.

S&R Compression is a leader in exceptional gas products and fabricates custom electric and engine-driven compressor packages for:

  • Gas Lift
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Wellhead
  • Flash Gas
  • Casinghead Gas
  • Gathering System
  • Gas Pre-Cooling
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Vacuum Service
  • Boosting
  • Plant Applications
  • Coabled Methane

About Star Vapor Recovery

Star Vapor Recovery provides expertly crafted Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs) to ensure peak performance for oil and gas companies. Backed by S&R Compression’s 14 years of veteran experience, Star Vapor’s units enable raw efficiency, ensure responsibility and refuse shortcuts at the expense of reliability.

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